Friday, March 23, 2012

Unexpected Discovery

I ran into these screenshots of my previous project gathering digital dust: a campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 that is based in a run-down apartment complex in Georgia. Sadly, I never got around to finishing the campaign, but the shots give a pretty good indication of the direction it was heading in.

The campaign extensively used custom textures, sound and meshes (and lots of odd uses of the L4D2 scripting system such as dynamic adjustment of the number of infected on the map based on the number of players and how well they are doing, etc), although the cars and infected are 'vanilla' L4D meshes.

Picasa Album with screenshots


  1. Ah, the glory days! I think I had more fun testing this with you than I did playing the official campaign.

  2. Definitely. You missed out on some of the later versions but the early ones were great since I was still figuring out the limitations of the engine. Spawning 20 witches and dozens of gas tanks into a room ftw...