Friday, June 22, 2012

Progress on my game so far

I've been pretty good about keeping what I'm working on quiet so far since I didn't know if everything I had planned for my game would work out. Now, I'm happy to say that most of the features I had planned are possible and mostly implemented in my current build.

The game is in essence a Classic RPG with the ability to play in multiple camera modes and control schemes. Players will be able to pick between FPS, Classic RPG, Action RPG and RTS modes, each of which will have its own HUD (which can be moved around and resized as players see fit).

Gameplay consists of Story missions that have an impact on the game world and what missions are available to the player, Side quests that are semi-randomly generated, Crafting and modification of equipment and usable items, and a large amount of characters that can be recruited to the player's party. Players will be able to choose from one of 5 classes with different skills and stats, or create their own custom class.
I'm currently focusing on the Single-Player campaign until it is in working order, and plan to begin implementing multiplayer modes during the public beta (no date set for this yet due to Murphy's Law :) )

Progress so far:
Save System - Character saves: 100%, world saves: 20%
Artwork -  (mostly placeholders, all custom assets except a few sounds here and there)
         Character Meshes - 10% (Human male skeleton and placeholder meshes, human female skeleton)
         Static Meshes - <10% (a few placeholders for houses and buildings, 1 each tree, bush, grass variations
        Textures/Materials - (a few dozen base textures, some placeholders
        Sounds - <5% (some footstep, weapon sounds, fire variations, some wind)
        Music - 0% (some should be done for pre-alpha)
Character Progression System - 60% (base is done, need to implement more skills)
Combat System - 60% (bullet projectile, physics-based melee system, placeholder for fireball effects, some status effects implemented, semi-random character spawning system, Aggression management based on faction and character's actions)
Combat AI - 80% (bots pick and prioritize between enemies based on faction and Aggression rate, still need to implement cover and retreat functionality)
Non-Combat AI - 50% (Bots choose landmarks to patrol to or idle around, still need to implement dialogue system and permanent characters)
Camera System - 80% (all modes working, needs some polishing)
HUD - 60% (placeholders and most features are up, needs some tweaking/polishing here and there)
Menus - 60% (main menu with placeholder art, settings/load/save menus, character creation menus, pause menu)
Weapon System - 40% (base weapon types are implemented with the exceptions of bows and rifles, random stats need some tweaking but are functional)
Story - 40% (main story and characters are created, need more variations based on choices and some sidequests)

I'm aiming for a public tech demo/pre-alpha late July or early August, and will be posting more information (including the name and basic story) in the near future.

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