Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the Elusive Pre-Alpha build

Anyone that looked at my blog in the last year most likely noticed that I keep pushing back the release of the pre-alpha of Ludhermia. A more realistic timeframe to give would be "when it's done." I cleaned up the blog a little, removing some of the more redundant "will be done in a week" posts. I'm sure anyone that does what I do will understand about projects slowly growing and destroying any and all deadlines in the process...

Here's some of what I've been working on:

Custom inventory system: 
I've implemented an inventory system that creates items based on a saved list (config file), making it much easier to add different variations of weapons, tools, armors, and items to the game. It also allows for the use of multiple bag-like items like backpacks and satchels that can be used for more storage space.

New save sytem:
The old save system based on DLLBind and C++ freads/fwrites has been scrapped and replaced with one based on the BasicSaveObject and JSon save system outlined on the UDN 'UDK Gems' page. This allows for a lot more flexibility on what kind of variables can be saved, not to mention removing an extra dll from the equation. Multiplayer compatibility is also a plus, and will make things much easier in the future.

From now on, I'll be publishing media updates with information and/or videos on basic gameplay features and screenshots more steadily. Most of the hard part is done.

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