Friday, March 15, 2013

Some Screenshots of my new Water Material

Here are the first published screenshots of my game showing ....water. I've been fully immersed in creating artwork for Ludhermia since my last post and thought it was time to show something for all the work I've been putting into this project.

Keep in mind when looking at these that nothing is final at this point. Any characters or objects you may see in the background are older placeholders that I'm in the process of replacing (definitely including those mountains).

Graphics Features:
The material is completely modular, allowing me to change this one water surface into any number of different looking ones. The water's specularity is more defined when looking in the direction of a reflected light source (Fresnel + Specular). Objects beneath the water fade out based on their distance to the surface (depth fog) and intersecting objects/geometry create some foam/ripples. Real-time reflections/refractions and surface distortion are also implemented.

Physics Features: (not shown)
The water surface shown is fully interactive (using a FluidSurfaceActor) and I've rewritten the code characters use to interact with the water to not just push the water with a spherical object (default implementation), but to interact with the characters' footsteps while walking (done) and hand/foot motions while swimming (WIP). Buoyancy is also implemented. I'll upload a video in the near future to show these features.

Expect more very soon.

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