Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Updates

I'm in the process of updating the blog to a new design and splitting things up into different pages. There may be broken links for the next couple of days.

Don't worry, part 2 of the probability tutorial will be finished soon and is turning out to be a bit longer than expected, mostly thanks to some great suggestions from the UDK forum. Part 1 is also getting a rewrite to include one of these suggestions, which greatly sped up the CheckProbability function.

(Shameless plug?) Also, if anyone reading this plays Arma 2 and/or DayZ, here's a link to the forum thread for a mod I'm helping on that aims to be a complete overhaul of the zombie AI. It's still very much in development, and scripts may change from day to day, but even in its current state, it's quite fun and makes the zombies actually something to fear.
mmmyum's Zed Changes (OpenDayZ Forum)

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