Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 2013 Update 1.5

I had planned to switch to a weekly blog update, but was sidetracked for the last week by a mod I'm helping with. In the next couple of days, I will be creating some more videos to replace the ones I uploaded a while back to make them a little bit longer and more clear. The previous videos were too fast, and didn't fully demonstrate the features they were supposed to.
I've made some improvements to my AI system that should make for better performance and more natural behavior. AI blocking and dodging have been completely overhauled as my old system was a little bit odd and not the best (to understate) way to go about things. Other than that, most of my development time is going into character armor and clothing, as well as static meshes for the logging village the game will start out around.

The new map is big and includes several small villages that are linked by roads and paths to a larger (currently unnamed) city. The villages each produce different goods to supply the city with, such as the logging town in the south woods, a farming community in the plains to the east of the city, brickmakers in the southwest, etc. The technological differences between the pseudo-medieval/classical outlying villages and the city will become very clear as players get closer to the city. This new map will be the setting for Chapter 1, and will be at least partially included in the upcoming gameplay test.

More info and some media soon!

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