Tuesday, May 07, 2013

May Development Update #1

As promised, here are some screenshots of a test map with (something close to) phyical-based BRDF lighting applied to most of the materials. I know that just throwing one lighting model onto every single object is a bad idea, so the objects in these screenshots have 5 different variations of shader materials, all of which are physical-based in one way or another. I also added a couple of screenshots with a sunrise and sunset that I thought turned out pretty well.

These screenshots were not modified besides converting them from bmp to jpg, and any automatic compression and resizing that may happen during upload. The colors and lighting vary from shot to shot since I took them by walking around in first-person mode with the HUD turned off throughout a day-cycle. There are no night-time shots because I found the post processing I used for nights was too dark for screenshots (banding, artifacts) and will have to tweak it.
Note:A wolf's nametag is visible in one of the shots, it's not a watermark or written on a rock :)

Keep in mind, it's a test map with WIP meshes.

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