Monday, November 18, 2013

Ludhermia Progress November 2013

Apparently, I forgot about my previous post mentioning screenshots and videos I had planned to upload... I'll make up for it this week.
I just finished some more armor and clothing for the characters, as well as most of the new animations needed for a lot of the features I added over the summer/fall.
This week will be spent getting the meshes prepared to work in the game (new AnimTree and package structure) and creating some screenshots and videos to show off the new gameplay features. I'll also take another look at my master materials and tweak some things here and there.

Expect more very soon.

EDIT November 26:
So, I moved some things between packages and forgot to load/save the testing map, leading to all foliage and SpeedTrees to be deleted... In other words, expect the previously mentioned media by the end of this week or early next week :D.

EDIT 2: December 9
Things are taking longer than expected... I'll have something up soon.

Here's a list of things I worked on in the last week or two to give you an idea of what's taking so long :

- Rewrote a large part of my AI scripts to add more support for group logic and improved pathfinding.

- Added holstering/sheathing support to weapons with sounds and animations, as well as reloading animations.

- Changed most of the melee weapons code to allow for directional attacks with different benefits and made animations for each. Also simplified my ridiculously convoluted method to calculate swing velocity with a constant based on swing direction.

- Added proper aiming support to pistols and tweaked animations/AnimTree to line up in first person.

- Added the beginnings of a stealth system with lots of ways to give away your position to AIs.

- Created some basic leather armor and coat meshes with vertex color-based blending between colors.

- Made lots of modular building pieces with proper lightmaps to start replacing city mesh placeholders.

- Changed some of the math in my master material to take normal maps into account some more. I'm not really sure what to call the shader at this point... The fresnel is mostly Blinn-Phong, but I have no clue about the rest. It runs well and looks nice, so I guess it doesn't matter :)

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