Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 2014 Update 1

I'm currently finishing up a different way to manage AI groups and their targets, which is working quite nicely at this point. The group leader is able send orders to the rest of the group and all target/aggro management is done in a separate actor that is linked to the bots in a group and managed by the group leader. Commands (for now) are Attack specified target, pick random, pick closest, pick newest, and pick target with lowest/highest health. I plan to give players access to these group commands for their AI followers through a menu.

The spreading fire system mentioned in my last post is almost ready to show, too. I still want to add the ability to engulf speedtrees and static meshes before making a video of it and sharing the code. It's a bit heavier on performance at the moment than I would like (lots of traces), but I think the end result is worth the hit.

I've tied my weather system together with a new time manager (for saved time/date and long-term events) and a new actor I call the world manager. All options for the time and weather system are contained within the actor and exposed in the editor.
Another cool thing the time manager handles is a fully customizable day/night cycle that includes moon phases, settings for day/night/dawn/dusk lengths, moon orbit time, and lots of other stuff.
There are currently two issues with it that need to be resolved: -Multiplayer locality - Apparently time is counted by both clients and server, need to move init to server only.
-No moon while the sun is out - this is because I'm using custom lighting and a cross product to project the sun/moon texture to the sky at the light source.

Expect videos of all this by the end of the month... hopefully.

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