Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 2014 Progress

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm still at it.

Ludhermia is still going to be a UDK title, despite the release of Unreal Engine 4. Currently, the plan is to release it in 3 chapters, each building on the choices made by the player and/or AI factions earlier. A test version of chapter 1 may be finished as early as June/July, but we'll see :P

- Current Progress -

I'm currently tweaking my scripted day/night cycle and weather system, and will be recording some videos to show it in the near future. The spreading fire I showed a while back is also almost complete and I will be uploading one last video of it before posting my code in the UDK forum and here (soon).

I've also reworked my custom materials quite a bit and added a slightly hackish way to add dynamic environment colors to them. The final master materials are between 106 and 120 pixel shader instructions, so they ended up being a lot less expensive than I expected.

Here's a checklist of some stuff I still need to finish. Expect a full feature list and (finally) a description of what Ludhermia is all about in the very near future (as opposed to just 'near future' like above).

- Things left to do for Ludhermia -

Crafting System 
  - needs some tweaking and a UI. Also needs more ingredients and finished items.
Faction AI Manager 
  - needs more actions/ decisions and town manager integration. Also still needs AI spawn point control implemented.
  - currently being completely redesigned/rewritten. Placeholder graphics except for item/skill icons are being replaced.
Quest System
  - still needs UI integration and more variety. Main quests also still need to be implemented.
  - This is probably the least finished feature at the moment. I have some interesting plans for this, more info soon.
  - Still needs a lot of things. Really this one is the main reason for my decision to split the game up into chapters as one guy can only accomplish so much in a day. Procedural stuff helps, though.

- On Multiplayer -

The initial releases will be single-player only since there are a lot of complex systems working in the background that require extensive rewriting to make multiplayer-compatible (entirely my fault for not planning multiplayer features from the start). I do plan to release a multiplayer version at some point, but it will most likely be separate from the main game initially. I don't want to promise anything I can't deliver, but I will say that the multiplayer should include at least 2 modes on release (Team Deathmatch and Siege), with a Co-Op mode for at least 4 players planned for later.
Also, due to the way I've set up the difficulty and gameplay options, hosts will have a wide array of choices in how they want the game to play.

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