Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ludhermia Progress July 2014 + Other Stuff I'm Working On

I'm still hard at work on my UDK project, Ludhermia.

The time cycle and weather systems are mostly finished, and I will be uploading some demonstrations of them shortly. Time and weather now play a large role in the kind of encounters created by the world, and influence characters' abilities (both player and AI).

The faction system is also getting close to finished. My AI is currently able to prioritize between taking over sections of the map, defending owned sections, and patrolling to find new areas for it to conquer. On the group level, AIs are now able to pick from different formations to use depending on the situation they encounter. On the individual level, I still need to create a cycle for different idle activities and tie it into the time/city management systems.

I'm also working on a tutorial for a spreading fire actor, as I demonstrated in a couple of videos earlier this year.

Other stuff:

My vertex normals editor for Blender is still in development, and I will be releasing more detailed documentation and some performance fixes for it soon.

I've also started work on a mod project for DayZ (ArmA 2 mod version) that aims to replace the zombie AI and visuals. All of it is based on the Walking Dead comics and Romero's zombie films, so sound and 'herding' play much larger roles. A pretty cool new feature i've implemented with this mod is giving the zombies the ability to 'smell' players based on the current wind direction and the player's wounds. Other features include a larger spawning radius, many more zombies thanks to some AI tweaks, and the ability to clear cities. It's my own (rewritten from scratch) version of a now abandoned mod I helped on a couple of years ago. More on this in the next couple of weeks when more models are finished.

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