Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 2015 Progress

What I'm working on at the moment:

Blender Tools:

UE4 Vector Field Editor:

The tool is pretty much finished, and I've been working on documentation over the last week. I'm hoping to have the documentation ready by the weekend, but it may stretch into next week.
I'm also considering adding presets for the particle physics settings on vector fields (water, thick fluid, and smoke for now), but may wait for a later release on that.

The tools available here, WIP documentation here. (both on Github)

Example files: (Mediafire)
    .fga pack

Normals Editor + FBX Exporter:

I haven't integrated the changes to my normals editor with the master branch yet, but the testing branch now includes support for Mont29's excellent Blender build with custom split normals (info here).
I'm currently also testing it with the current Blender 2.74 test build, which is also working and will be included on Github soon.

Documentation for the normals editor is next on my to-do list after the documentation for the vector field editor. It will also get renamed and separated from the exporter before Blender 2.74 is out (hopefully).

    Master branch
    Testing branch

New project: Flowmap Editor:

Another thing I've started working on is a flowmap editor that works with hair particles in Particle Edit mode (and regular particles with forces). I'm using concepts from my vector field editor on this tool. (It's nowhere near finished yet, btw)

Game-related Stuff:


I'm still working on the UDK version of Ludhermia, and am currently in the process of creating a new magic system with the ability to create and modify spells. I've also switched to models based on MakeHuman and created a nice IK rig to use for animating the new characters. All clothing/armor is still custom-made, but using MakeHuman to fit them to some modified body meshes.


Still learning... and greatly enjoying the fact that it's free now :D

ArmA 2 / DayZ:

I've written a new horde system to go along with my zombie overhaul, which I may end up releasing in the near future. After lowering the polycount and texture resolution on the zombies in addition to my AI tweaks, I'm able to push 300 zombies per client without much loss to framerate (to be fair, with only 2 clients connected), which makes hordes and large cities pretty intense.

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