Monday, December 05, 2016

An Overdue Post

Hey everyone.

I've neglected this blog for a while and have been focusing on my mods and content tools.

My UDK/Unreal Engine game was on hold for most of the year while I've been modding Fallout 4 and now Skyrim SE (as well as learning the ins and outs of UE4).

I'm planning to release a lot of the stuff I did for the UDK version of my game over the next few weeks since I've mostly switched to UE4 by now. I didn't plan to, but the number of things that can be accomplished using C++ and Blueprints blows what I was doing with UDK out of the water.

My Vector Field and Flowmap Editors will be getting updates in the near future to add a different way to visualize the things the tools are doing. I'm also planning to clean up the import/export functions of my vector field editor to make it a bit more robust.

My AmmoTweaks mod for Fallout 4 is almost feature-complete now. It's the most finished of my current Fallout 4 mods. At this point, it adds dozens of ammo types from previous Fallout games, weapon condition, melee attack types, and a simple crafting system for the new ammo types. The ultimate plan with this mod is to re-create most weapon-related features that were in one Fallout game or another in the past.

Personal Pack Animal for Fallout 4 will be getting an update in the near future to add support for the major DLCs and some more pack types. I'm also planning to create a 'port' of the mod for Skyrim SE.

On a final note, this blog's layout will be getting an update this month or next month or two to make it easier for me to categorize and share my work more easily.

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